Gloria Guida and Martine Brochard - Il solco di pesca (1975)

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Description: Gloria Guida and Martine Brochard - Il solco di pesca (1975)
Film Summary: David is a photographer and former seminarist whose marriage is in crisis. He is a female underdog, with a cardinal uncle who imparts severe moral directives and with a wife from whom he is definitely separating. He meets French Viviane, whose wedding is in crisis: he becomes the lover and begins to attend her home until her husband discovers the situation and hunt both. Viviane has as a housekeeper the Emilian Tonina, who wants to keep her virginity and therefore accepts only anal relationships. When Viviane goes home, she follows her and moves her away from David. When Viviane goes to live with David, her wishes are turned off, while Viviane is craving her massager. Eventually, Viviane hands Tonina to the massager who will definitely release her weight of virginity. Viviane, however, licks and assumes a new Japanese maid.
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